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The vineyard of Cognac covers the department of Charente-Maritime, the biggest part of the Charente as well as some municipalities of Deux-Sevres and Dordogne. We produce there white wine of the Charentes intended for the cognac elaboration. The vineyard is divided into 6 growths (crus), each one of them having its specificities in terms of taste and ageing :
The soils of Cognac
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• The "Grande Champagne"
• The "Petite Champagne"
• The "Borderies"
• The "Fins Bois"
• The "Bons Bois"
• The "Bois Ordinaires"
The art of the cellar master lies in the blending of eaux-de-vie with different ages & growths in order to obtain the most harmonious combination.

The vineyard of Cognac and no other is used for the production of Cognac Louis Bouron, a blending of Petite Champagne, Fins Bois & Borderies exclusively grown in our properties;
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