Culture - Vintage - Distillation - Ageing - Blending
Strange alchemy, the manufacture of Cognac contains 5 major stages:
• The culture of the vine
• The vintage
• The vinification and the distillation
• The ageing
• The blending
1 - The culture of the vine
Twenty highly qualified wine-growers cultivate our vineyard. This daily activity, very important to obtain a high quality vintage, is supervised, until vinification, by Mrs Monique Parias, great-granddaughter of Louis Bouron, and in charge of the company. The Château de La Grange uses only a single vine : the Ugni blanc a.k.a. Saint-Emilion des Charentes. The different growths composing its vineyard (Petite Champagne, Borderies & Fins Bois) assure the diversity of tastes that is needed to produce first-class spirits.
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