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3 - The Distillation
The grapes supplied by each vineyard are treated in the same manner as is customary for the production of a white wine. The wine produced is light, acidic and fruity, with an alcoholic content between 7,5° et 9°.
Distillation is carried out growth by growth, without blending of soils .
In Charente, we use a double distillation process.
First, the distillation of wine produces a spirit of between 27° et 30 ° alcohol. This is referred to locally as the "Brouillis" which is distilled to have a final spirit of approximately 70° alcohol. Only a part of this distillation, referred to as the "bonne chauffe", will be selected by the cellar master and laid down to mature and to become, after many years, the Louis Bouron Cognac.
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