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5- The blending
This is the face of alchemy, which consists of uniting different cognacs in various stages of their aging process, from different growths, in order to elaborate a product which, after further ageing, will display all of the main qualities of its constituants.
To finish this, "coupes" or cuts are conducted throughout the ageing process, the cellar master, who must bear in mind the final product he wishes to produce, and which must be ready in the near or distant future, depending on whether he is producing a VSOP or an XO.
During the blending process, the cellar master will also "reduce" the cognac, by the gradual addition of distilled water, in order to bring the alcoholic content down to the level required (usually between 40° and 43°).
It is only after the completion of all the above steps that, at last, the cognac can be bottled and bear the name of Louis Bouron.
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